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Tasting Tips, Etiquette & F.A.Q’s

Tasting Room Etiquette

1. Always have a designated driver. Many wineries will have refreshments and snacks just for designated drivers.

2. Please be patient when entering a crowded tasting room. The staff will do their very best to serve you as soon as they can.

3. Bring the proper identification. Winery staff reserves the right to verify you are of proper drinking age.

4. Children in the Tasting Rooms. The Tasting Rooms is an adult experience that takes place on working farms, active processing facilities, and busy parking lots: if you bring a child, we ask that you accompany them at all times. Feel Free to bring a game or snack to keep them occupied.

Group Visits

Because of the cozy dimensions of our tasting rooms and state regulations, some of our wineries unfortunately cannot accommodate groups of 6 or more during regular business hours without notice. Group visits not only require extra space that may not be available, but extra staff and materials to serve their needs and to ensure that the visit be enjoyable for the group and our other guests.

Depending on the winery, the size of your group, and the time or day you would like to visit, special consideration to accept a group may be given by some individual wineries on a case by case basis, if special arrangements are obtained prior to your visit. This can be done by phoning ahead to the individual wineries well in advance of your proposed visit and securing reservations . Generally speaking, calls to make reservations  should be made no later than two days prior to your proposed visit.  The earlier you contact the wineries, the better your chances are of securing a reservation. In some cases a special visiting hour, and/or an extra fee may be required to accommodate a group.

Tasting Tips

1. Bring an open mind, and you will find greater pleasures.There are thousands of grape varieties in the world. Suspend old preconceptions, and you will allow your tastes and your palate to blossom.

2. Brandywine Pride. Get to know, and you will begin to appreciate, the unique qualities of Brandywine Valley wines. They’re not going to taste like your father’s California!

3. Choosing a wine. Ask yourself, what kind of foods do I eat? Seek out wines that match well with the foods you enjoy. Those favorite foods will taste even better, and so will the wines.

4. Keep an Eye Out for Special Wines. Some wineries have specialties, as well as, wines that are available only by visiting the tasting room. When you stumble upon them there’s only one thing to do — grab them for your cellars!

5. Stay Overnight. To get the maximum experience, consider staying overnight. The Brandywine Valley offers major tourist attractions, world class restaurants, as wells as charming bed and breakfasts.

6. Visit Frequently.The wineries add new releases throughout the year, so the best plan is to visit during different seasons so that you can discover the just released — and you don’t miss the favorites that are about to be sold out!

Buses & Limousines. All proposed bus and limousine visits MUST be cleared with the individual wineries that you are hoping to visit in order to determine if they are able to accept the larger vehicle you wish to visit in.

Groups of 6 or more who visit without securing advance reservations may not be accommodated.  This is especially true during special events, and busy Trail Events such as the Barrels on the Brandywine.

All wineries accept bus and limousine visits with prior reservation.


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